Photo courtesy of Tessa Sanderson CBE and Museum of Diversity.

Former Olympian Tessa Sanderson CBE Joins Museum of Diversity as Ambassador


Museum of Diversity (‘MoD’), a pioneering organisation dedicated to promoting diversity and celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of communities of colour through immersive technology, is delighted to announce that former Olympian Tessa Sanderson CBE has joined the organisation as an ambassador.


Renowned for her legendary achievements in the world of athletics and activism, Tessa Sanderson embodies the spirit of determination, resilience, and inclusivity that aligns with Museum of Diversity’s values.  She will lend her voice and support to raising awareness and advocate for MoD’s mission by amplifying its initiatives to foster understanding and appreciation of diversity across cultures.


“I am honoured to join Museum of Diversity as an ambassador and contribute to their important work of promoting diversity and equity,” said Tessa Sanderson. “Throughout my career, I have witnessed the transformative power of sports and technology to bring people together and break down barriers. I am excited to use my platform to support Museum of Diversity’s efforts to create meaningful connections and celebrate the richness of our global community.”


Museum of Diversity is dedicated to advancing its mission through two main initiatives: a virtual reality museum and the development of a physical brick-and-mortar museum. The virtual reality museum offers immersive experiences that explore the history, heritage, and contributions of communities of colour from around the world.  Through interactive exhibits and storytelling, users can engage with diverse narratives and gain a deeper understanding of cultural diversity.


In addition to the virtual reality museum, Museum of Diversity is working tirelessly to realise its vision of establishing a physical museum space that will serve as a hub for cultural exchange and dialogue. Tessa Sanderson’s support will be instrumental in raising awareness and garnering support for the construction of this physical museum, which will provide a tangible space for communities to come together and celebrate their shared heritage.  In the meantime, MoD will be hosting a series of exhibitions at Holland House throughout the year, one of which will include an exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tessa’s illustrious career.


“We are thrilled to welcome Tessa Sanderson to the Museum of Diversity family as our ambassador,” said Troy and Kuku Richards, founders of Museum of Diversity.  “Tessa’s passion for equity and her dedication to making a positive impact align perfectly with our mission. With her invaluable support, we are confident that we can inspire meaningful change and create a more inclusive world for future generations.”


Museum of Diversity’s commitment to celebrating cultural diversity and to addressing the disparities in representation within the museum and technology sectors are at the forefront of its mission. By leveraging immersive technology, MoD aims to create a more connected and understanding world by breaking down cultural barriers and fostering appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experiences. Together, Tessa Sanderson and MoD are committed to fostering inclusivity and creating a more equitable world where everyone can flourish.


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About Museum of Diversity:

Museum of Diversity is a leading advocate for the education and celebration of diversity and cultural intersectionality within communities of colour through immersive technology. Through innovative programmes and initiatives for schools, corporate and governmental bodies, MoD empowers individuals and communities to embrace their heritage, celebrate their identities, and build a more inclusive society.


About Tessa Sanderson CBE:

Tessa Sanderson CBE, a six-time Olympian and Gold Medalist, made history as the first black woman to secure a gold medal for Great Britain, proudly representing the country for an impressive 26 years. To this day, she stands as the sole individual to have clinched a throwing Gold for Great Britain. Tessa’s remarkable journey reached another milestone when she matched the feat of the only other woman worldwide to compete in six Olympics, solidifying her status as the first British woman to achieve this extraordinary accomplishment.


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